• Quality: Manage the deliverable quality through self-motivated staff and experienced BRIDGENTECH delivery.
  •  Results: Reduce Overall costs. Achieve short and long-term goals. Improve efficiency & Quality in hiring with Reliable staff..
  •  Savings: Free up floor space and non-core staff. Reduce burden to pay high onshore salaries & consolidate services and service providers.
  •  Control: Concentrate on your core competencies. Maintain your budget, timeline & hiring targets.
  •  Focus: LEAN out waste: time, energy, and focus. Prepare staff for future positions, directly dependent on the business forecast.

Offering services that future-proof you from the evolving market needs

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Focus on resource requirements to achieve your short term and long-term goals.


Look beyond the resume and instead target organizations at the top of their industry and the people that got them there.

How can we add value?

Filtering The Right Resources

Filtering The Right Resources

We find you the best skill-matched applicants through a 5-step filtration process, powered by a 5F Hiring Strategy

SAAS Creation

SAAS Creation

We work as an  ITES in the interim, providing infrastructure, solutions & support ensuring contractual delivery from day 1 itself

Training/ Alignment

Training/ Alignment

We work with you to align the resource and imparting intercultural, language & technology training till are ready

Resource Transfer

Resource Transfer

When you are ready to absorb the resource permanently, we work with you to ensure a smooth transition process and migration support

  • Resource @ BRIDGENTECH delivers tasks remotely his work under full supervision as Full time contractor, while familiarising themselves with client’s Org culture & working style.


  • Resource starts integrating with their client internal team through Scrums & Sprints.


  • Resource @ BRIDGENTECH gets training on technology gaps, intercultural training and Language training * (German / French) as per the transition plan finalized between Client & BRIDGENTECH (Costs shared and discussed clearly before the process initiates)

BRIDGENTECH’S Skill Delivery

BRIDGENTECH’S Pricing Structure

  • null

    Candidate is finalized

    No Charges. Zero financial commitment

  • null

    Candidate under trial

    Blended Offshore Rates

  • null

    Candidate under training

    Blended Offshore Rates + Cost Sharing On Customized Needs

  • null

    Candidate is transferred

    Standard One-Time Fixed Fee

Why Our Pricing Model Is Unique

Time to on-board

Placement fee

Delivery Charges

Pre-screened & Verified Candidates

Language & Intercultural Trainings

International Exposure

Quality Assurance

Resource experience

Project Managemnt/Coordination Support

Scope / Impact of Failure


0-3 weeks


Flat hourly rates





4 years & above

Yes, free

Very Low


4-8 weeks


Hourly rates + support fee





Freshers & above

Yes, paid