What is Contract to Hire (C2H)

A relatively new strategy that benefits organisations by helping them assess an employee before making long-term commitments.Our team of staffing experts gouge the talent pool and find the most reliable and skilled candidates for roles that are difficult to fill. We help you ease the cash flow pressure and let you focus on things that require your invaluable time.

What's in it for you?

Why choose BRIDGENTECH’s Contract to Hire Services

  • Avoid the risk of bad hire
  • Find the right fit with the right employee
  • Flexibility in going beyond the skillset
  • BRIDGENTECH Quality Delivery Assurance
  • Minimize pressure of hiring timelines
  • Scaling up with ease
  • Minimize administrative burden


Our Technical Talent Experts discuss, assess and break down the requirements as per our 5F framework in one or more sittings with your Project & Delivery Managers


We source the best candidates from a hand-picked talent pool sourced via job portals, social media and networks matching 90%+ of your requirements


Internal pre-filtering of candidates through in-depth interviews, assignments & discussions to assess the requisite technical expertise


Arranging client interviews for internally shortlisted candidates as well as coordinating on assignments, feedback & follow-up interviews, if any


On-boarding candidate, providing all the necessary infrastructure for efficient delivery from assigned workplace or remote setup


BRIDGENTECH delivery team up-skills the chosen candidates on the missing technical, communication (German, French & Business English) and inter-cultural gaps as per the finalized transition plans


Once delivery commences and stabalizes, the client can decide to internalise the candidate for on-shore/off-shore/remote permanent jobs


As a third party, BRIDGENTECH also helps to ensure smooth transition and international migration
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Scouting the best talent across the table
  • Full Stack Java Developer
  • Full Stack Azure Developer
  • Full Stack Microsoft Technology Developer
  • GCP Architect
  • AWS Architect
  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • Open Stack Cloud Architect
  • Service Now Developers & Engineer
  • Azure Engineer
  • AWS Engineer
  • GCP Engineer
  • Automation Texting Expert
  • Big Data Engineer
  • ETL Expert (Extract Transform Load)
  • CSV Engineer (Computer System Validation)
  • Information Security Specialist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • CloudOps Engineer
  • Container Operations Engineer
  • Data Visualisation Engineer
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Helping you find the needle in the haystack

Finding the right skilled candidate with that rare skill-set for your tailored requirement could be a daunting task. This is where BRIDGEN TECH comes in.