Optimizing your digital retail operations with BRIDGENTECH

With the changing retail landscape, it’s imperative to stay updated with the multitude of purchasing portals and sites available to new age consumers. There’s a dire need for services that enable end-to-end digital transformation.

BRIDGENTECH’s managed retail IT and software services solutions along with our team augmentation and talent delivery model, enable us to bridge the gaps in retail, better than anyone else. Take advantage of our rich technology and domain expertise on your digital transformation journey.

Go omni-channel and create meaningful customer experiences

COVID has effected the retail sector and the balance of power is more inclined towards the consumer than ever. Customers are even more empowered in this very dynamic and highly competitive landscape. There is a growing need for better engagement models and customer insights. The solutions from just a few years back are no longer enough and the need of the moment is for solutions that can embrace change and can be scaled up

We at BRIDGENTECH value customer experiences and it is the backbone of our services and expertise. The key is for businesses to be agile and implement design thinking in reimagining shopping journeys. With our expertise in retail, analytics, product engineering, AI & ML, we are positioned to manage your processes better than anyone else.

Our expertise In Retail

Retail Software Development

Retail Software Development

retail crm

Retail CRM

predictive analytics

OLAP & Predictive Analytics

retail analytics

Retail Analytics

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

eCommerce Services

E-Commerce Services

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


Cyber Security

Why BRIDGENTECH model works for Retail

  • We analyze your business processes, customer experiences and applications to assess what needs to be improved

  • We help you find the right route to excellence: Managed IT Services, Contract To Hire or Talent Delivery

  • Our industry-defining staff augmentation model helps you to rededicate your resources in the right places

  • We enable you to leverage hybrid-approach to facilitate project, resource and delivery integration

  • We help you keep your business applications keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and business needs

Choose your own staff augmentation journey

We bring you the best IT Talent skilled for Retail sector

  • Full Stack Java Developer

  • Full Stack Azure Developer

  • Full Stack Microsoft Technology Developer

  • GCP Architect

  • AWS Architect

  • Azure Cloud Architect

  • Open Stack Cloud Architect

  • Service Now Developers & Engineer

  • Azure Engineer

  • AWS Engineer

  • GCP Engineer

  • Automation Texting Expert

  • Big Data Engineer

  • ETL Expert (Extract Transform Load)

  • CSV Engineer (Computer System Validation)

  • Information Security Specialist

  • DevOps Engineer

  • CloudOps Engineer

  • Container Operations Engineer

  • Data Visualisation Engineer

Why Retail chooses BRIDGENTECH


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