Enhance cost saving & business productivity

Manufacturing operations require IT solutions that can streamline processes covering all facets including but not limited to vendor management, supply chain and others.

BRIDGENTECH’s manufacturing IT and software services solutions along with our team augmentation and talent delivery model, enable us to power manufacturing, better than anyone else. With an ever-evolving tech stack and years of manufacturing expertise, we are primed to take your business to the next level.

Powering manufacturing operations with IT

With the fast ascent of technology, the manufacturers that once worked in silos are seeing the need for seamless visibility across assets. BRIDGENTECH helps businesses focus on cost optimization through adaptation of Internet Of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

With a talented pool of IT experts, we are focused to steer digital transformation in manufacturing organizations. Our goal is to help manufacturers improve efficiency of systems through automation, application design and quality assurance. Our vision for manufacturers is to guide them in streamlining processes with the ultimate goal of readying them to navigate through the rapidly evolving industry by leveraging digital technologies.

Our expertise In Manufacturing

Asset Management

Asset Management & Optimization

Inventory Mgmt

Inventory Management

Enterprise & supply-chain

Enterprise & Supply Chain

Order Management

Order Management

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales & Marketing Automation

warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

OLAP & predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Why BRIDGENTECH model works for Manufacturing

  • We analyze your business processes and applications to assess what needs to be improved/changed/replaced

  • We help you find the right route to excellence: Managed IT Services, Contract To Hire or Talent Delivery

  • Our staff augmentation model helps you to rededicate your key IT staff to more critical projects/oversee existing projects

  • We enable you to leverage hybrid-approach to facilitate project, resource and delivery integration

  • We help you keep your business applications up-to-date with emerging technologies and business needs

Choose your own staff augmentation journey

We bring you the best IT Talent skilled for Manufacturing sector

  • Full Stack Java Developer

  • Full Stack Azure Developer

  • Full Stack Microsoft Technology Developer

  • GCP Architect

  • AWS Architect

  • Azure Cloud Architect

  • Open Stack Cloud Architect

  • Service Now Developers & Engineer

  • Azure Engineer

  • AWS Engineer

  • GCP Engineer

  • Automation Texting Expert

  • Big Data Engineer

  • ETL Expert (Extract Transform Load)

  • CSV Engineer (Computer System Validation)

  • Information Security Specialist

  • DevOps Engineer

  • CloudOps Engineer

  • Container Operations Engineer

  • Data Visualisation Engineer

Why Manufacturing sector chooses BRIDGENTECH


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