Automating healthcare with comprehensive IT Solutions

BRIDGENTECH provides healthcare and life sciences’ organizations with IT consulting services that help them conform to the latest and the most complex digital initiatives while guiding them on their digital transformation journey. Our team ensures that your IT landscape is capable of supporting routine clinical processes while driving new digital healthcare initiatives

Delivering end-to-end transformation services

Healthcare & Life Sciences organizations have been significantly disrupted by COVID-19. Not only has COVID effected the industry’s long-term goals but have also fast-tracked the transition to digital. Most organizations in the sector do not have the requisite infrastructure to adhere to this transition.

In times like these, organizations need partners that are experts in the field of healthcare and can merge their expertise with the latest in technology. That’s where BRIDGENTECH comes in. From helping you hire the right resources; both short-term and long-term, to providing comprehensive and up to date managed IT services, we are the guiding light on your digital transformation quest.

Our expertise In Healthcare & Life Sciences

Patient & Hospital Apps

Patient & Hospital Apps

Modernisation, Migration & Maintenance

Modernisation, Migration & Maintenance

Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Healthcare Product

Healthcare Product Development

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

remote medicine

Remote Medicine

Validation & Testing

Validation & Testing

artificial-intelligence in healthcare

AI & ML in Healthcare

Why BRIDGENTECH model works for Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • We work with you to analyze your business processes and applications to assess the gaps in your infrastructure

  • We help you find the right route to excellence: Managed IT Services, Contract To Hire or Talent Delivery

  • We help you optimise your IT resources better by tackling your challenges through our staff augmentation model

  • We enable you to leverage hybrid-approach to facilitate project, resource and delivery integration

  • We help you digitise your healthcare applications & keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and business needs

Choose your own staff augmentation journey

We bring you the best IT Talent skilled for Healthcare sector
  • Full Stack Java Developer

  • Full Stack Azure Developer

  • Full Stack Microsoft Technology Developer

  • GCP Architect

  • AWS Architect

  • Azure Cloud Architect

  • Open Stack Cloud Architect

  • Service Now Developers & Engineer

  • Azure Engineer

  • AWS Engineer

  • GCP Engineer

  • Automation Texting Expert

  • Big Data Engineer

  • ETL Expert (Extract Transform Load)

  • CSV Engineer (Computer System Validation)

  • Information Security Specialist

  • DevOps Engineer

  • CloudOps Engineer

  • Container Operations Engineer

  • Data Visualisation Engineer

Why Healthcare chooses BRIDGENTECH


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