Preparing you for the ongoing Digital Revolution

The whole ecosystem is going through major macro and micro-economic changes. Its imperative for banks and financial institutions to stay abreast with the ever-changing landscape. With our microscopic focus and dedicated talent pool, we help you in making the transition from a traditional setup to digitized banking & financial services.

Reducing the complexity of business app

We analyze and assess your present Business Applications in-depth to figure out the workflow gaps and potential loopholes. Based on the analysis, we recommend appropriate solutions and help you with your Build vs. Buy challenges. If you decide to develop the solution in-house, we help you hire short term and long term resources with the required niche skill sets so that the desired applications can be built and implemented without huge external dependencies on organization’s skill scarcity.

We have enough experience in E-commerce, CRM and ERP platforms, to recommend such changes, compatible with your existing systems, and aligned to your IT vision for better data management for OLAP and OLTP.

Our expertise in BFSI

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway



Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Asset 1

Product Implementation

cyber-security retail

Cyber Security

Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and Reporting



Why BRIDGENTECH model works for BFSI

  • We analyze your business processes and applications to assess what needs to be improved/changed/replaced

  • We help you find the right route to excellence: Managed IT Services, Contract To Hire or Talent Delivery

  • Our staff augmentation model helps you to rededicate your key IT staff to more critical projects/oversee existing projects

  • We enable you to leverage hybrid-approach to facilitate project, resource and delivery integration

  • We help you keep your business applications keep up-to-date with emerging technologies and business needs

Choose your own staff augmentation journey

We bring you the best IT Talent skilled for BFSI

  • Full Stack Java Developer

  • Full Stack Azure Developer

  • Full Stack Microsoft Technology Developer

  • GCP Architect

  • AWS Architect

  • Azure Cloud Architect

  • Open Stack Cloud Architect

  • Service Now Developers & Engineer

  • Azure Engineer

  • AWS Engineer

  • GCP Engineer

  • Automation Texting Expert

  • Big Data Engineer

  • ETL Expert (Extract Transform Load)

  • CSV Engineer (Computer System Validation)

  • Information Security Specialist

  • DevOps Engineer

  • CloudOps Engineer

  • Container Operations Engineer

  • Data Visualisation Engineer



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